How is Harold’s Drive-In Different From Its Competitors?

Harold’s is different because we use the highest quality food and service for each customer. We maintain a consistent clean restaurant. We have a system that maximizes efficiencies with food and overhead. We continue to use the Harold’s tradition and heritage that has been in place since 1958.

Who are Harold’s Drive-In Customers?

Anyone wanting to eat great tasting American drive-in food, breakfast and lunch.

What makes a good Location?

High traffic suburbs, busy intersections or interchanges. 50,000+ population, downtowns, food courts, diverse neighborhoods, industrial areas, airport kiosks, amusement parks.

What makes a good Harold’s Franchisee?

A hard nosed hard worker, communication, kind, generous and personable person. Someone with good managerial skills, who is proactive & coordinated. “Don’t ask somebody to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. –Be humble and stay humble.”

Do you need Restaurant Experience?

It’s not mandatory, but a manager would need restaurant experience. We expect that a franchisee or investor have passion for this business.

What are the Next Steps?

Please REQUEST FRANCHISE INFO and gain access to our franchise information report. This will prepare you for your first conversation with Harold’s Drive-In. One of our franchise representatives will reach out to you to set up a phone conversation to explore the possibilities. We welcome any investors and all interested entrepreneurs to inquire today!
Phone: 800-610-0292